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Why Pre-Marketing Matters

What's that saying? Jack of all trades...master of...none?

Here at Kloud Realty Group we realize the importance of honing in an individual's specialties and skills on a concentrated area of focus. That's why we have created a team. Each of our team members excels in their focused position, all in a group effort to serve our clients better than any single agent could.

One of the most crucial aspects of selling a home is the marketing plan. Possibly even more important is the PRE-marketing of a home that is about to be listed.

What do most realtors do after you've met them for the first time, but before you have listed your property on MLS? Probably very little. This period is absolutely integral for selling your home! If they are not pre-marketing your home during this time with a Marketing Specialist, you are not receiving the service you deserve. Kloud Realty Group's Marketing Director takes full advantage of this time to begin a full-blown, aggressive pre-marketing plan designed specifically, and targeting only qualified Buyers that are most likely to purchase your property.

Take a look at our last 45 days:


...that's 4 properties we've sold during our pre-marketing period in just the last 45 days!

Contact us to learn more about how our cutting-edge pre-marketing sells homes faster! Call 907-865-6446, or email us now!

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