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What is Pre-Marketing?

What is pre-marketing?

For Kloud Realty Group, pre-marketing your property means a whole lot more than throwing a "Coming Soon" sign in your yard. Pre-marketing is the combination of everything our team prepares and executes to put your property in front of the eyes of any person interested in purchasing, qualified to purchase, and looking in your price range before you are ready for us to market your property on MLS. This means while you are busy cleaning, decluttering, upgrading, etc., we are already busy working hard for you and talking to the world of potential buyers about the great property that hasn't yet hit the market. This gives a Buyer the chance to be the first to know about your property and begin the pre-qualification process. By the time you are ready to list your home on MLS, you may already have a Buyer (or more!) ready to make an offer!

Why is our pre-marketing so effective?

We are a team. Our team has leveraged responsibilities to individuals within our group who specialize in certain areas. That's why we have a Listing Specialist who focuses exclusively on representing our Sellers, Buyer Specialists who focus exclusively on representing our Buyers, and a Marketing Director who focuses exclusively on marketing and pre-marketing our Listings. Each of us have years of experience within our specialty. We want to bring our clients the highest value possible and for us, that means breaking down responsibilities and each of us focusing on what we do best.


Oh. We forgot to mention that we can do all of this without touching a piece of paper. Read more about our paperless business model here!

Whats next?

Reach out to us to learn from our Listing Specialist and Marketing Manager about the specific step-by-step process of our Pre-Marketing Action Plan. Call 907.854.6689 or email us at [email protected] today!

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