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Young families often choose a school to enroll their children in before selecting the house they want to purchase. Eagle River has numerous elementary schools, all of which offer something a little different from the rest. Like homes, no two schools are the same and everyone has their own preferences.

When you think about which schools you'd like for your children to attend, we hope these searches which we've built help you find your perfect home, based on school zoning! 

Alpenglow Elementary

Alpenglow Elementary School is set in the picturesque Eagle River Valley and is proud to be a local neighborhood school. While high academic achievement continues to be a success story at Alpenglow, its best attribute is the cohesive community of parents and teachers who work together to make each day a positive success. In addition to a strong academic teaching team, Alpenglow is fortunate to have highly dedicated specialist staff who provide exceptional opportunities in health, fitness, art and music. Alpenglow is proud to hold a high standard and pleased to celebrate the many successes of all of their hard-working students.

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Eagle River Elementary School

As a learning community, Eagle River Elementary School practices a growth mindset that allows students to open their minds to think critically and solve problems across curricula. Eagle River Elementary School provides a rigorous and engaging curriculum in a nurturing environment. Given this, students are empowered to recognize and optimize their full potential. At this school, two regional Special Education Pre-K classes are offered; a Neighborhood K-6 program and an Open Optional K-6 program.  

The high standards, sense of community, respect for one another's differences and perseverance direct the school staff in daily work with the students. The families’ involvement in students' education and well-being is of great importance. Collectively, the school makes an academic, social and emotional difference in the students' lives in order to promote and maintain a positive and safe school climate.

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Fire Lake Elementary School

Fire Lake Elementary provides a complete K-5 program with emphasis on academic achievement through teaching and learning strategies based on current research and data analysis. Students from Fire Lake are expected to make positive choices and use effective strategies to solve problems and maintain fun, beneficial relationships.

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Homestead Elementary School

Nestled in the heart of Eagle River, Homestead Elementary provides a complete K-6 education program based on the Common Core State Standards. Homestead Elementary believes in educating students for success in life with a focus on academic achievement, personal responsibility and social-emotional learning. This school is proud to partner with families and to help students become active participants in the learning process. At Homestead, they “run with the best” and reach for the stars!

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Ravenwood Elementary School

Ravenwood Elementary sits in the beautiful Eagle River Valley, nestled in a forested area surrounded by the magnificent mountain vistas. Rigorous and successful academic programs are offered that engage all learners, using the Common Core State Standards as their guide. Ravenwood embodies community and thrives from the interconnected support system of Eagle River. Outdoor education, the arts and the use of technology are all integrated into the academic experiences students are offered to optimize engagement, creativity and independent learning. Ravenwood is proud of the military families attending the school. 

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